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While most start-ups perceive 409A valuation as just a tax issue for pricing stock options, it has implications beyond tax, particularly when the company successfully grows to later stages in its business life-cycle.

Audit firms review 409A reports very carefully for stock option expensing and non-compliant valuation reports can create issues at future date delaying M&A due-diligence or IPO process.

Aranca’s team of valuation experts who are credentialed from most recognized valuation organizations like ASA, CFA and AICPA have the requisite experience to help you glide through any stringent audit review process, including the Big Four.

We are competitive in our fees, but our comprehensive USPAP compliant reports are unlike any of the boiler-plate 409A reports. We believe in building long-term client relationships - safeguarding our clients’ long-term interests is key to that.

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Industry Sectors



Senior Professionals with ASA, CFA Credentials


Audit Defensibility

You don’t want your 409A report to create audit trouble after 2-3 years. We will defend our work product in any review process even if it is several years after valuation at no additional fee.


Cost Effective

Our scale, a decade’s worth of experience, and delivery model uniquely positions us to provide 409A valuations at cost effective rates without compromising on quality.



90% new clients we won is through referrals from attorneys, clients, VC investors and audit firms. We're a preferred provider and a National Venture Capital Association Recommended 409A valuation for some of the top VC firms.


Experience Across All Stages

During our history, we have worked with some of the most promising companies and have helped with 409A valuations them throughout their growth life-cycle till IPO or M&A exit.

What Our Clients Say

"I must compliment you for the outstanding job you did on our PPA assignment. The report was of high quality and you managed to adhere to short time lines. It is difficult to find responsive and knowledgeable firms that can also offer competitive cost advantage."

CFO, A leading CRM Software firm

"Aranca did a very comprehensive job in performing a valuation of our company. The team was extremely responsive and professional. Our investors said that the report that Aranca wrote was among the best that they had seen for any of their portfolio companies."

Finance Head, Aryaka Networks Inc.

"I must compliment you for the outstanding job you did on our PPA assignment. The report was of high quality and you managed to adhere to short time lines. It is difficult to find responsive and knowledgeable firms that can also offer competitive cost advantage."

CFO, Dachis Group

"Thanks for all of your efforts and commitment to our project. The team did a great job in a short period of time, and I really appreciate it! I’ve worked with multiple business valuations firms in my past, and the job that your team did was by far the best."

CFO, Leading US ecommerce platform

"Aranca did a great job on the 409A report for us. The analysis was extremely thorough and the report was of the highest quality. Greatly exceeded expectations! Thank you."

Senior VP & CFO, New Leaf Symbiotics

"We have had a few valuations done by Aranca. [There were] absolutely no problems with the reports; we have a very complicated cap structure and have filed an S-1. The SEC has reviewed and blessed the results and the supporting report. These were done expertly and at a very competitive price."

Partner, Legal Counsel Firm

"We were looking to accurately and effectively assess and evaluate our IP portfolio to commercialize our assets better or raise funds. We needed experts who understood technical aspects of the patents to determine value with respect to the competitive landscape, and also be able to translate it into a comprehensive but easy to understand financial analysis for potential investors and third-parties. That’s why, we chose Aranca because of its blend of strong Intellectual Property research and valuation capabilities.

The Aranca team was extremely professional, thorough and collaborative while working with our in-house team. We were kept in complete sync during the project engagement, as Aranca conducted the technology strength assessment and built a comprehensive valuation report with detailed market analysis and financial forecasts. To our delight, the team went the extra mile to handle our project deftly, and ensured our needs were completely met. We would score Aranca an ’11 out of 10’ for this project."

Stephen Burnett, Co-Founder & CEO, Koolbridge Solar, Inc.

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