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Key strategic questions we answer for various R&D and innovation teams

External Innovations
  • How can external innovations be leveraged to drive business growth?
  • Which strategies are adopted by peers?
Opportunity Assessment
  • Which alternate applications and industries can the existing product portfolio cater to?
  • How can these applications be prioritized to achieve optimum business growth?
IP Strategy
  • How can an effective patent strategy that can serve as a toll gate for competitors be designed?
  • How can a successful product launch be ensured without any risk of patent infringements?
IP Monetization
  • How can the existing IP be leveraged to generate additional revenue?
  • Which technology partners can the IP be out licensed to?
Incremental Innovations
  • How can the existing technical know-how be leveraged to develop incremental and breakthrough products?
  • Which incremental innovations can be feasibly deployed in the existing setup?
Sustainability & Green Innovations
  • How can a product roadmap strategy be optimally designed to align with the emerging theme of sustainability?
  • Which green technologies should be incorporated in upcoming products?

How we can help?


Portfolio Analysis

We have the expertise to suggest strategies to optimise a company’s patent portfolio and increase profitability.
Through our proprietary PQI framework, we can assess the quality of the patent portfolio and develop strategies on licensing the patents, monetising low-priority patents, and addressing other IP-related matters.

Application Scouting

We develop blue ocean strategies and advise organisations on effectively leveraging their existing technical knowledge.
We use our research expertise to determine alternate application areas in adjacent sectors for a company’s existing technologies and products to fuel their business growth.

Open Innovation

We provide suggestions on how a company can adopt a collaborative model to increase their innovation potential and accelerate high-quality developments with a lesser R&D cost.
We identify attractive opportunities for venture investments, co-development, sponsored research and other incubating ideas.

Technology Scouting

We identify emerging and disruptive technologies for R&D and innovation teams within specific industry domains.
Through our analysis, we offer a holistic overview on new technologies, including their impact on the business, ease of adoption and early entrant benefits.

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