1. Logistics 5.0: Difference with a Human Touch

    The logistics industry is in the midst of a transformation with the integration of technologies and digital innovations in processes, which paves the way for Logistics 5.0, an extension of Industry 5.0. The goal is to digitalize more

  1. Carbon Capture – Moving Toward Net-Zero Emissions

    To save the planet from climate change, countries and organizations are working toward achieving net-zero emissions. Capture, utilization, and storage of carbon emerged as a leading strategy for limiting the global temperature rise. However, these more

  2. Can ChatGPT Support Industry 4.0?

    The new phenomenon ChatGPT unveiled by OpenAI is set to revolutionize processes and operation across industries. Although it is still in the testing phase, it has gained widespread popularity given its potential application fields. One more

  3. The Rise of High-Pressure Processing

    High pressure processing (HPP) technology is witnessing rapid growth in the food and beverage industry. Consumer demand for fresh, minimally processed foods with longer shelf life; the need for safer and healthier food products; and more

  4. CAR T-Cell Therapy – Revolutionizing Medical Science

    Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy has come to fore as a breakthrough in cancer treatment, specifically for blood cancer. Several companies have invested in it and many treatments have already received FDA approval. Although more

  1. Virtual Estate - An Illusion?

    Metaverse is a next-generation system that delivers content and services, probably why it is referred to as the evolution of the internet. Just as radio served as a platform for music and audio content, metaverse more

  2. The Future of Internal Combustion Engine

    In 2021, the worldwide internal combustion engine (ICE) market was approximately worth USD 58,514.15 billion and is predicted to reach USD 93,615.18 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 6.05% between 2022 and 2029 showing tremendous growth. It is likely to more

  3. Shrinkflation in the US

    Shrinkflation is a form of inflation where companies reduce the product size, quantity, or quality to maintain or increase their profit margins. A common practice during high inflationary periods, shrinkflation is preferred when companies are more

  4. NFTs in Gaming - Where Passion Meets Business

    The gaming industry has risen exponentially over the past few decades. From playing Pac-Man on a 4-feet tall arcade in late-1900s to enjoying 8-bit superhits such as Mario on smaller consoles and immersing in more

  1. Downward Spiral of Tech Industry Valuation

    The Indian tech industry has always been a strong player with consistent growth, but 2022 was a challenging year, and many companies saw a fall in their valuations. This was attributed to factors such as fear more