1. Global Market Opportunity for Bio-Based Resins

    Bio-based resin is being increasingly adopted across industries as the need for sustainability has risen. Bio-based resins, made from partially or wholly plant-derived monomers, offer a sustainable and carbon-positive approach for consumers and manufacturers shifting more

  2. Pet Shelter Segment on a Growth Trajectory

    The pet care industry is witnessing rapid growth due to the rise in pet adoption across the globe. With cats and dogs being the most popular pets, there is a need for good care facilities more

  3. Heat Wave: A Challenge for Power Sector

    Heat Waves as an impact of climate change have created an existential crisis and countries across the world are struggling against it. It has led to increasing demand for electricity and the need for alternative more

  4. Virtual Power Plants: The Way Forward

    Growth of distributed energy sources (renewable energy) and fluctuations in demand for electricity has led to the development of Virtual Power Plant (VPP) systems. A VPP is a cloud-based system that uses software and algorithms more

  1. How Telecom Companies Leverage Gamification

    Gamification allows service industries to improve customer interaction and access to invaluable data. Telcos understand this need and some have already invested in integrating gamification in their platforms to increase customer loyalty. Using emerging technologies more

  2. Gamification in Healthcare

    Gamification is gaining importance as an interesting way to interact with customers, keep them engaged with brands, personalize offerings, and collect relevant data in the process. The healthcare industry has recognized the value of incorporating more

  3. CRISPR Technology – An Emerging Solution in Healthcare

    CRISPR technology has been gaining growing acceptance and popularity in the healthcare sector. Its varied applications in medical science has fostered innovations, with many startups entering the fray. However, CRISPR is a complex concept, and more

  4. Metaverse Powered Supply Chain of Future

    Companies are gearing up to integrate metaverse into their processes and systems. Supply chain management, one of the most important functions of an organization, would also see its effects. The metaverse would enable companies to more

  1. Shrinkflation in the US

    Shrinkflation is a form of inflation where companies reduce the product size, quantity, or quality to maintain or increase their profit margins. A common practice during high inflationary periods, shrinkflation is preferred when companies are more

  2. NFTs in Gaming - Where Passion Meets Business

    The gaming industry has risen exponentially over the past few decades. From playing Pac-Man on a 4-feet tall arcade in late-1900s to enjoying 8-bit superhits such as Mario on smaller consoles and immersing in more

  3. DeFi – Revolutionizing Financial Markets

    DeFi has made considerable progress in a surprisingly short time that would contribute to a more transparent and accessible future in finance due to rapid technological developments. There are now over 4.5 million DeFi users worldwide, more

  1. How can a Start-up Become a Unicorn?

    The rapid pace of technological innovations has led to new start-ups mushrooming in every field. While some have great products and ideas, only a few succeed to gain the coveted "unicorn" status. They attract investors, more