Special Reports

  1. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q1 2024

    In Q1 2024, private equity investments declined amidst rising concerns over high interest rates. Private equity activities are expected to surge in the upcoming quarters, driven by substantial dry powder availability and the expectation of interest ...read more

  2. Cultivated Meat Industry: Current Status & Way Forward

    Cultured meat, or lab-grown meat, offers a revolutionary approach to protein production. By limiting the consumption of natural resources, it could significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the existing meat industry. Additionally, cultured meat promises ...read more

  3. Commodity Outlook Report – Q2’2024

    Commodity prices, especially across Chemicals and Polymers, witnessed a sharp rebound of 10-20% in Q1'24, while Metal prices declined marginally. The expected price movements during the upcoming quarters are critical to watch out for ...read more

  4. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q4 2023

    In Q4 2023, private equity investments saw a rebound as concerns over potential interest rate hikes and the severity of the global economic slowdown diminished. Private equity activities are expected to increase in the coming year, ...read more

  5. Global Momentum at COP28: Milestones and Innovations

    Delve into the details of significant Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), joint ventures, and transformative projects accelerating climate solutions, as discussed during COP28. Focused on pivotal advancements, Aranca explores the forefront of green hydrogen, CCUS (Carbon ...read more

  6. Commodity Outlook Report – Q1’2024

    Commodity prices fell sharply by 20-25% across the board in 2023, are further expected to decline by 4% in 2024. These trends, coupled with an anticipated 5% decline in energy prices in 2024, will have notable implications for procurement and ...read more

  7. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q3 2023

    In Q3 2023, private equity showed resilience by increasing capital investments despite a dip in deal volume. Although the industry foresees growth supported by the availability of dry powder, the potential influence of rising interest rates ...read more

  8. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q2 2023

    Amid difficult macroeconomic circumstances and increased financing expense, the second quarter of 2023 showed a positive upturn in global private equity investments. This encouraging trend can largely be attributed to the influence of private credit. The ...read more

  9. Amalgamation of AI in Pharmaceutical Drug Development

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by helping to accelerate drug discovery, improve manufacturing processes, and personalize patient care. AI-powered tools can analyze vast amounts of data to identify new drug targets, design ...read more

  10. Bridging the Gap with White-label Fintech

    The fintech sector has witnessed rapid expansion and groundbreaking advancements, revolutionizing the delivery and consumption of financial services. White-label fintech emerges as a crucial catalyst in this transformation, enabling enterprises to utilize pre-existing financial technology ...read more

  11. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q1 2023

    Global private equity investments fell in Q1 2023 due to a worsening macroeconomic environment. Consequently, PE activities are expected to slow down and equity finance is likely to play a more prominent role in driving deals. ...read more

  12. Emerging Trends in Clinical Trial Landscape

    COVID-19 pandemic raised a lot of health and safety concerns, with most countries focused on containing the transmission of the virus. Amidst this, global clinical trials also faced its impact, with multiple suspensions, delays, and ...read more

  13. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q4 2022

    Global PE investment activities improved in Q4 2022 with better access to private credit. Deal activity is anticipated to stay slow owing to the unstable macroenvironment; however, the record high level of dry powder is expected ...read more

  14. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q3 2022

    Global PE dealmaking slowed down in Q3 2022, due to macroeconomic uncertainties, but reported the strongest nine months in the last five years, with capital investments growing at 21%. The PE deal activity is expected to remain ...read more

  15. Portfolio Transformation in Chemicals Industry

    Over the recent past, chemical manufacturers have faced significant headwinds in the form of volatility in feedstock prices, changing needs across end-use markets, tightening of regulations, etc. To counter these headwinds, market leaders have been ...read more

  16. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q1 2022

    Global PE activity weakened in Q1 2022 due to the uncertain macroeconomic and geopolitical factors. Deal activity is expected to remain slow in the short run and likely to pick up as the global economy recovers ...read more

  17. Global Private Equity Factbook – Q4 2021

    Global PE activity increased in Q4 2021, led by a surge in capital investment and big-ticket investments. Deal activity is anticipated to remain strong in the coming quarters, given the amount of dry powder available.In ...read more

  18. Global Private Equity Fact Book - Q3 2021

    The global private equity (PE) activity was characterized by an increase in capital invested and a decline in deal volume in Q3 2021. Deal activity is anticipated to remain buoyant in the upcoming quarters, primarily attributed ...read more

  19. Global Private Equity Fact Book – Q2 2021

    Private equity (PE) activity across the globe grew significantly with a rise in capital invested, despite the decline in deal volume in Q2 2021. Deal activity is expected to remain robust due to abundant dry powder ...read more

  20. Global Banking Social Media Index

    Social media is no longer a novel concept but is being widely used by billions of users around the world. For the last few years, a number of corporates and financial institutions have been employing ...read more

  21. Microbiome Based Therapies - Emerging Therapy Area

    Microbiome-based therapeutics is a promising field with applications in various therapeutic areas. It has attracted significant commercial interest, especially in the oncology and immunology spaces. Around 575 clinical trials were launched and over 640 microbiome-related patents granted ...read more

  22. Global Clean Energy Industry Outlook Special Report

    The renewable energy sector recorded significant growth over the last decade driven by technological innovation, reduction in cost and government support. Solar and wind are the key segments of renewable energy witnessing higher adoption, especially ...read more

  23. Global Private Equity Fact Book (Special Edition)

    The traditional sectors such as TMT, manufacturing, and industrials have been dominating the global private equity investments over the years. However, over the last few years, investment in new age sectors such as FinTech, enterprise ...read more

  24. Pipeline Assessment – Immuno-oncology and Gene Therapies

    Immuno-oncology (I-O) and gene therapy, given their therapeutic significance, have attracted substantial commercial interest recently. The US NIH and 11 pharmaceutical companies formed the Partnership for Accelerating Cancer Therapies (PACT), focused on advancement of treatments in ...read more

  25. What's Behind Japan's M&A Boom

    Japan's M&A activity has remained resilient despite the COVID-19 pandemic, with Japanese firms investing around USD115 Bn to acquire domestic and international companies. The M&A activity has been primarily driven by focus on ...read more

  26. Global Structural Bio-polymers Market

    Recyclability and sustainability initiatives, coupled with regulatory developments, are driving increased adoption of bio-polymers globally. Aranca’s special report on the structural bio-polymers market assesses the current market dynamics, recent developments and outlines the key t ...read more

  27. Global Private Equity Fact Book

    The global private equity (PE) segment was characterized by an increase in deal sizes and a significant increase in exits in Q4 2020. The rapid recovery in investment activity is expected to continue in 2021. ...read more

  28. Global Private Equity Fact Book

    Private equity (PE) investment activity rebounded in Q3 2020, as economies reopened and edged toward the path of recovery. The PE sector has been resilient even amid the current turbulent environment and is expected to pick ...read more

  29. Global Private Equity Factbook

    Private equity deal activity has been resilient even in these turbulent times. The global pandemic and the resultant economic slowdown could test the competence of management and appraisal techniques of global PE firms. ...read more

  1. Generative AI in Telecom and Media

    Generative AI could optimize networks by predicting traffic, preventing congestion, and recommending efficient routes, enhancing resource use and user experience. It could tailor services and content by analyzing user behavior, creating customized offerings. Additionally, it ...read more

  2. Why Banks are Filing Patents Aggressively

    US banks are racing to file patents as they feel compelled to improve technical infrastructure, develop robust security measures, and enhance customer experience, leading to the emergence of many fintech products and services. Banks are ...read more

  3. Charging the world through lithium battery recycling

    Lithium ion batteries provide added advantages over conventional batteries making them more appropriate in a world of portable electronic devices and electric vehicles. Their ability to sustain temperature variations, compact structure, rapid charging facility, and ...read more

  1. Exploring the Rise and Impact of US RIA

    There has been a global shift in recent times to clean technology as advancements in electric vehicles (EVs), as well as solar and wind energy, gain momentum. However, there are several limitations in the existing ...read more

  2. Hearing Aid Market: Valuations are Poised for a Rebound

    Hearing loss is a major health concern globally, with over 1.5 billion people experiencing some degree of hearing impairment at the end of 2022 according to Amplifon. Among them, an estimated 430 million individuals require rehabilitation, and this ...read more

  3. Global Fertilizer Industry: Emerging Stronger Post-Plunge

    The global fertilizer industry witnessed significant challenges during 2022 due to the high natural gas prices. The key raw material got costlier because of supply chain bottlenecks arising from the Russia–Ukraine conflict. The worldwide farmers’ aff ...read more

  4. India's EMS Sector in Full Momentum

    COVID-19 pandemic and higher China dependency led to supply chain disruptions in electronic components and finished goods. Consequently, the global electronic manufacturing giants reduced dependency on China by shifting their manufacturing bases to countries such ...read more

  5. India’s Electric Vehicle Transition Roadmap

    India envisions electric vehicles (EVs) dominating its future roads. Driven by a shift in global climate policies, consumer preference for environment-friendly transport options, and an expanding charging infrastructure network, the EV sector has grown from ~0.5% ...read more

  6. Broadcom Inc. acquires VMware

    Broadcom (AVGO.O) announced its intention to acquire cloud-computing firm VMware (VMW.N) for $61 billion, along with assuming an additional $8 billion of the company's debt in May 2022. On November 22, 2023, Broadcom confirmed the completion of the ...read more

  7. US Buybacks: Identifying Winners Amid Slowing Momentum

    Share buybacks have become the predominant means of corporate payout, surpassing dividends in the past two decades. The key driver for share repurchases include tax advantages, financial flexibility, and support for stock prices. In the ...read more

  8. M&A in Aerospace and Defense | Q3 2023

    The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is highly competitive, with a limited number of major players. Consequently, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in the sector is low, but when deals happen, they are ...read more

  9. US Housing Market Overview

    The surge in home prices in the US in 2021 can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the increased housing demand as owning a house became a priority post pandemic; a shortage of construction ...read more

  10. Microsoft – OpenAI Partnership

    Microsoft and OpenAI entered a partnership in 2016, with OpenAI committing to use Microsoft’s Azure as its primary cloud provider. Both companies saw the potential in collaborating and as a result, Microsoft started investing in O ...read more

  11. High Yield – US Spotlight

    After recording a plunge in the US high yield bond returns in 2022, the Federal Reserve’s aggressive monetary policy stance to tame inflation proved crucial in driving asset prices in 2023. The possibility of a soft-landing, w ...read more

  12. High Yield - Europe Spotlight

    The European HY market rebounded in 2023, with benchmark HY index generating YTD 6.1% returns. Amid rising interest rates, HY bond returns outperformed IG returns due to attractive yields in the short term. The European HY ...read more

  13. US Regional Banks’ Crisis is Far From Over

    US regional banks continue to grapple with the same underlying problems that triggered the crisis, i.e., valuation losses on fixed-income investments, increased cost of deposits, and high levels of uninsured deposits. Increased deposit outflows ...read more

  14. Europe & North America MedTech strengthens in 1H23

    In a notable development, most MedTech companies in Europe and the US topped consensus estimates in 1H23 earnings, largely on a rewind in procedure volume and efficient execution of cost-saving strategy. Patient count surged in ...read more

  15. Q2 2023 Global Macro Report

    Q2 posted a slowdown in global economic growth along with strong returns in risk assets. The IMF expects global growth to be lower in 2023 than 2022 for most advanced countries. It also expects headline inflation to ...read more

  16. M&A in Artificial Intelligence | Q1 2023

    Artificial intelligence has been a buzzing term for quite some time now. The sentiment continued as we entered the first quarter of 2023, with the M&A market recording strong activity in AI. Although the number ...read more

  17. SVB Crisis: Snowballing Down the Valley

    California-based Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), which specifically catered to startups, went bankrupt after it reported huge losses on investments. The bank received an influx of deposits in 2021 due to strong private fundraising and easy funding ...read more

  18. Global M&A - Q3 2022

    In the third quarter, dealmakers’ appetite for M&A fell even further. The number of global M&A transactions declined for the third consecutive quarter in Q3 2022, as the rising interest rates, continued inflation, and i ...read more

  19. GCC - Equity Market Quarterly Fact Book

    Most GCC equity markets recorded gains in Q3 2022, with the Oman market outpacing other GCC markets, while Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain benchmarks also ending in the green. KSA and Kuwait were notable losers, while the ...read more

  20. Greenflation

    The race to achieve net zero emissions is the recent global trend to promote carbon neutrality. Greenflation is one of the consequences of the popular phenomenon of going green. The price of materials and minerals, ...read more

  21. Islamic Finance

    The global Islamic finance industry is worth over USD2 trillion and is projected to grow to ~USD5 trillion by 2025. However, the global economy has been severely impacted by the pandemic, volatility in oil prices, and ...read more

  22. Extension Risk for US Bank Preferred Securities

    Fed’s 300 basis point rate hike this year has sent shock waves across the global stock and bond markets. Wall Street banks recently warned of revenue contraction amid the weakening market environment. However, US banks’ bal ...read more

  23. High Yield - Europe Spotlight

    European HY bond market returns declined in YTD 2022, owing to heightened geopolitical tensions and rising interest rate risks. Issuers largely stayed on the sidelines in 2022 due to higher refinancing costs. Despite recession fears, the 10-year–2- ...read more

  24. EV Trends in India

    With increasing global awareness and targets to reduce carbon emissions, the government has been supporting the adoption of electric modes of transport in India. Several state-wide measures have been initiated to ensure faster transfer to ...read more

  25. Metaverse – Mapping Investment Opportunities

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rise in consumers’ expectations and need for more fulfilling and immersive communication methods. Numerous consumers are seeking ways to adopt the metaverse. Metaverse is considered the next generation o ...read more

  26. High Yield – US Spotlight

    Rising Inflation, supply-chain disruptions, and tightening financial conditions have created a negative sentiment amongst the investors. In Year-To-Date 2022, the US High Yield funds witnessed net outflows of $33.8 billion. Year-To-Date July 2022 returns of major asset classes, ...read more

  27. GCC - Equity Market Quarterly Fact Book

    In 2Q22, all the GCC benchmarks ended lower, largely reflecting the trend in the global markets, which are facing negative bias due to inflation and recession concerns. The MSCI GCC index, which captures the ...read more

  28. Changing Energy Dynamics Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict

    In line with the Paris Agreement, countries across the globe have implemented net-zero emission (NZE) initiatives to decarbonize electricity generation by 2050. However, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has put pressure on countries ...read more

  29. Semiconductor Supply Chain Analysis

    Heavy dependence on Asia for semiconductor manufacturing has put undue stress on the whole supply chain in recent years. Demand–supply imbalance across the world has led to chip shortages, compelling various governments and corporates t ...read more

  30. ESG Investing

    ESG remains a fast-evolving topic. With more than a decade under the spotlight, investors and customers are now demanding clear commitments from corporations on ESG plans. The private equity space, in particular, ...read more

  31. ESG: A Bumpy Road to Net Zero

    Achieving net zero by 2050 involves a complete change in how energy is produced, transported, and consumed. The green transition hinges on unprecedented deployment of available clean and efficient technologies by 2030. This would require a significant ...read more

  32. Neobanks - The Future of Banking

    Neobank is the new buzzword in finance and is being touted as the future of banking. Neobanks thrive by disrupting banking system with their customer-centric digital offerings. The neobanking industry has witnessed strong growth across ...read more

  33. Navigating the Russia-Ukraine crisis

    The Russia-Ukraine Crisis has shaken global markets and fired up commodity prices. The barrage of sanctions imposed on Russia will have far-reaching effects on the Russian economy as well as global trade and finance. Historically, ...read more

  34. Asset Quality Trends and Risks across European Banks

    Since the onset of COVID-19, European banks’ exposure to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and mortgages increased materially, supported by highly accommodative fiscal and monetary policies. Asset quality remained resilient throughout the pandemic, with the N ...read more

  35. GCC - Equity Market Quarterly Fact Book

    Most GCC equity markets continued to log gains during Q4 2021 despite the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19. The UAE markets were the most noteworthy gainers during the quarter, while the Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, ...read more

  36. Aviation Industry: A Long Road to Recovery

    The global aviation industry was hit harder by the COVID-19 crisis than the catastrophic events of 2008 financial crisis and 9/11 combined. However, the industry sees signs of recovery from the pandemic in 2021 on rising vaccine ...read more

  37. Build America Bonds

    Federally subsidised BABs were launched more than a decade ago to fund infrastructure projects amid the liquidity crunch during the 2008 global financial crisis. Some features of BABs are still suitable for large infrastructure financing requirements. ...read more

  38. Growing Popularity of Celebrity-Led SPACs

    The SPAC boom continued in 2021, with SPACs raising USD109 bn in funds in H1 2021 breaking the 2020 funding record, and once again raising more money and issuing more IPOs than companies going the traditional route. ...read more

  39. US to Reignite Growth with Infrastructure Push

    The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is staggering and long-lasting, with every sector feeling the brunt. To address this, the Democrats and Republicans have proposed stimulus packages, in the form of an infrastructure bill. ...read more

  40. Pharmaceutical & MedTech: Edging Toward Normalcy

    Healthcare, like other sectors, was hit by COVID-19 in 2020. This especially holds true for the pharmaceutical and MedTech sub-sectors in healthcare that were impacted in 2Q20, reflected in the weak performance of companies in these ...read more

  41. Testing Times Ahead for Global Banks

    Regulatory reforms that followed the global financial crisis have boosted capital buffers substantially and improved the liquidity of global banks. As 2021 progresses, the years ahead would test the ability of global banks to withstand post-pandemic ...read more

  42. Green Bonds: An Emerging Asset Class

    The growing significance of environmentally sustainable projects has increased the importance of the green bond as an asset class in funding these projects. This reports discusses the emerging trends in the green bond domain and ...read more

  43. US Bankruptcy Dashboard – March, 2020

    Q1 2020 Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings in the US were at par with the trend seen in 2019. That said, almost all leading indicators are currently suggesting Q2 and Q3 could see a major spike. Some of the ...read more

  44. Investment in Gaming Industry – Not a Child’s Play

    Since the 70s gaming has been a popular activity among adolescents. With new technologies and innovations, games have only become more sophisticated. Easy availability of mobile phones and internet has added to their widespread usage. ...read more

  1. EdTech Decoded

    Venture capital (VC) investors continue to drive the investment momentum in the online learning market. This continued interest is largely attributable to the evolving preferences of educational institutions, which have embraced a hybrid model of ...read more

  2. Fintech Decoded: 1H23

    Fintech deal activity in 1H23 witnessed a period of notable turbulence, with subsectors such as Payments+ and Blockchain/Crypto receding, while Business Solutions and Financial Markets domains gained prominence.While venture capital funding experienced a ...read more

  3. Fintech Decoded: 2022

    Fintech deal activity in 2022 witnessed high volatility, with subsectors such as Payments+ and Blockchain/Crypto receding, while Business Solutions and Financial Markets domains gained prominence.The emergence of new Covid variants, soaring US inflation, withdrawal ...read more

  4. Fintech Decoded: 1H22

    Fintech deal activity in 1H22 slowed down due to the macroeconomic headwinds, with subsectors such as Blockchain/Crypto gaining importance over Payments+ owing to increased investor appetite for BNPL, DeFi & NFTs.The transition to cashless ...read more

  5. HealthTech Decoded 1H22

    HealthTech funding cools down in 1H22, while the number of investments reached new heights as new subsectors with innovative solutions emerged. Investment momentum in connected care continues to be on the lead for VC investors, ...read more

  6. HealthTech Decoded: 2021

    HealthTech deal activity reached new heights in 2021 as new subsectors with innovative solutions emerged. Connected care maintained its position as a hotbed of investment activity, as consumers continued to seek virtual healthcare advice rather than ...read more

  7. Fintech Decoded: Special Edition

    Fintech deal activity in 2021 reached new heights due to the pandemic-induced tailwinds, with subsectors such as Payments+ drawing attention because of the “new normal” consumer lifestyle. ...read more

  8. HealthTech Decoded

    HealthTech Deal activity in 1H21 has soared promoting new subsectors with innovative solutions with healthcare proving its importance over the last 15 months. ...read more

  9. Fintech Decoded

    Fintech deal activity in 1H21 witnesses a strong comeback from the COVID-19 volatility, with emerging subsectors drawing attention because of the “new normal” consumer lifestyle. ...read more

  10. Fintech Decoded: 2020

    Mirroring 2019’s trend, VC deal activity in the fintech space continued in an upward trajectory in terms of both volume and value. ...read more

  11. HealthTech Decoded

    As the world fights through COVID-19, Healthcare technology (or HealthTech) have been in the spotlight for the past few months and have also garnered substantial investor interest. HealthTech companies primarily include startups harnessing digital solutions ...read more

  12. Fintech Decoded

    Deal activity in the fintech space in 1H-2020 suggests that fintech companies have escaped the funding freeze that followed the COVID-19 outbreak. ...read more

  13. Amazon India’s M&A Strategy

    Amazon India has been through a remarkable growth journey over the past few years, but the road ahead might be challenging for this e-commerce giant. The company has been making the right investments across sectors ...read more

  14. Goodwill Impairment Analysis

    According to Ind AS 36, a company must conduct a goodwill impairment analysis annually or more frequently when a triggering event such as COVID-19 occurs. While COVID-19 has affected the operations of most businesses across majority ...read more

  15. KSA Fintech Report

    Fintech has been one of the hottest sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), as reflected by deal volume during 2018 and 2019. The increase in deal activity is not only due to innovative financial solutions ...read more

  16. White Paper on Segregating Contingent Consideration

    In the case of a merger or acquisition, financial reporting requires the acquirer to report a purchase price allocation (PPA) in the financial statement. PPA requires payment to be separated into components. With a growing ...read more

  17. Fintech Decoded

    The impact of COVID-19 will reverberate across all sectors of the economy, fintech being no exception to the trend. In the sector, challenges are expected to surface on multiple fronts, but so would opportunities, as ...read more

  18. Fintech Decoded

    FinTech funding activity remained robust in in 2019. The most attractive segments in the second half of the year were payments, lending, and financial markets in terms of number of deals signed. The payments sector continued ...read more

  19. Business valuations using the Backsolve Method

    Valuation of startups is a tricky business due to lack of quantifiable metrics. However, the Backsolve method is widely accepted and increasingly used by appraisers.  The formulas and ways to analyze under this method ...read more